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In the area of welfare, Medacta for Life Foundation is active in a number of charitable and socially proactive projects, mainly based in the local area.

  • Association ConTatto – Family support, promotion of children’s rights and enhancement of parental resources. Main project launched, with the City of Mendrisio and the Comune di Chiasso: In-home educational service (Educativa Territoriale), a project called “Right to growth, let’s build our future,” – targeted action with the aim to reduce educational poverty. The project is dedicated to families in need without institutional care.
  • Association of Foster Families TICINO / ATFA – Child protection, shelter and foster homes for children in difficulty. Ongoing collaboration on several projects
  • Association Un cuore a 3 ruote – Collection and distribution of food supplies to disadvantaged households
  • AVAID / Volunteers Association for Development Aid an ONG which has been active for 20 years in international cooperation interventions. The Foundation supports an international project aimed at guaranteeing a cure for the less well off in hospitals in Syria
  • Casa della Nascita lediecilune / Association Nascere Bene Ticino – accompaniment in Pregnancy, Childbirth and Postpartum and Post-natal care
  • CEM / Centri Educativi Minorili – In collaboration with ATFA, the initiative of the Charity Boxes provides by means of donations a Christmas gift (Box) for children hosted in the CEM (Juvenile Educational Centers) in Ticino (around 360 minors)
  • Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana 
  • Fondation del Ceresio – Foundation in support of non-profit organisations targeting fragile people near and far and providing training in support of communities
  • Fondation Mission Bambini (Swiss Child Mission Foundation) – Shelter, assistance, food hygene, child education and youth job training
  • Momo Bellavista – Eco-green housing unit nestled in the nature of Monte Generoso, for the enhancement of the territory
  • MOPS_DanceSyndrome – non-profit association. dance school and company made up entirely of young adults with Down Syndrome
  • Pro Juventute – Implementation of the Pilot Project “Transition from School to Work” (September 2021 – December 2023) aimed at accompanying and supporting the transition from the Middle School Certificate to the world of work; the project is intended for those young people who need it the most and who do not meet the inclusion criteria of other projects in the Canton Ticino
  • SAM – Mendrisiotto Ambulance Service
  • Soccorso D’Inverno – Economic support for educational aid for children of disadvantaged families in Ticino
  • Soccorso Operaio – SOS Ticino
  • Sport Academy – Co-funding for the creation of a new sports facility in Genestrerio, aimed at enhancing the area’s resources, promoting sport and training young athletes
  • Tavolino magico – Organization of food collections and distribution to needy families, in collaboration with Soccorso d’Inverno.
  • Terres des Hommes
  • Telefono Amico  for Canton Ticino e Italian Grigioni.
  • TNV / Association Talento nella Vita – accompaniment of talented young athletes from sport to the world of work.

In addition to the above, Medacta for Life Foundation continuously supports numerous other local organisations, sports and youth clubs as well as associations dedicated to helping specific population groups.