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In the area of welfare the Medacta for Life Foundation is active in a number of charitable and socially proactive projects, mainly based in the local area.

  • ATFA Ticino Association of Foster Families (child protection, shelter and foster homes for children in difficulty) supporting the Meeting Point Project (for minors placed in foster care – about 170/180 in Ticino) and the Family Home Project (assistance for minors with complex problems through foster families and professional figures).
  • Associazione un cuore a tre ruote – Collection and distribution of food supplies to disadvantaged households
  • AVAID, Volunteers Association for Development Aid an ONG which has been active for 20 years in international cooperation interventions. The Foundation supports an international project aimed at guaranteeing a cure for the less well off in hospitals in Syria
  • CEM, Centri Educativi Minorili – In collaboration with ATFA, the initiative of the Charity Boxes provides by means of donations a Christmas gift (Box) for children hosted in the CEM (Juvenile Educational Centers) in Ticino (around 360 minors).
  • Maternity House/Ticino Safe Birth Association (ANBT): Birth and Postnatal assistance
  • Fondazione Mission Bambini (Swiss Child Mission Foundation) – Shelter, assistance, food hygene, child education and youth job training
  • In-home educational service (Educativa Territoriale) – The Foundation supports the City of Mendrisio and the Comune di Chiasso in the project called “Right to growth, let’s build our future,” a targeted action of Territorial Education to reduce educational poverty. The project is dedicated to families in need without institutional care.
  • Momo Bellavista – Eco-green housing unit nestled in the nature of Monte Generoso, for the enhancement of the territory
  • Pro Juventute – Implementation of the Pilot Project “Transition from School to Work” (September 2021 – December 2023) aimed at accompanying and supporting the transition from the Middle School Certificate to the world of work; the project is intended for those young people who need it the most and who do not meet the inclusion criteria of other projects in the Canton Ticino
  • SAM – Mendrisiotto Ambulance Service
  • Soccorso D’Inverno – Economic support for educational aid for children of disadvantaged families in Ticino
  • Soccorso Operaio – SOS Ticino
  • Tavolino magico – Organization of food collections and distribution to needy families, in collaboration with Soccorso d’Inverno.
  • Terres des Hommes
  • Telefono Amico  for Canton Ticino e Italian Grigioni.

In addition, there are numerous other local institutions, sports and youth clubs, and numerous associations -dedicated to helping targeted population groups- that the Medacta for Life Foundation continuously supports.