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Our professional dedication is not limited to the welfare of our patients but is extended to everyone with whom we operate. For this reason we have set up the Medacta For Life Foundation as an expression of our values and philosophy to coordinate our many, articulate projects in the community.

Medacta for Life Foundation funds the realization of socially useful projects and programmes both on the local territory, in Switzerland and around the world.

With the main focus on the early years, we invest constant energy and means in the generations that represent our future. My School Ticino is the most significant expression of this in our region.

We also support various local organisations and associations dedicated to protecting, assisting, supporting and promoting initiatives for children, youth and families; we develop, cooperate and contribute to projects for services and support for parenthood; we devote ourselves to actions aimed at the promotion of healthcare, sport and positive lifestyle, as well as the preservation and valorisation of the territory and the environment, with a focus on sustainability issues.

The initiatives on our Foundation can be grouped into three large areas:

  • Development of the new generations: My School Ticino
  • Funding for medical missions: My Mission
  • Participation and support in social projects: My Giving

Maria Luisa Siccardi Tonolli

Member of the Board of Directors of Medacta Group SA,

Vice President Medacta for Life Foundation & Founder of My School Ticino

Read an interview with Maria Luisa on Ticino Welcome, Sept.-Nov. 2023:

original article (Italian): La multiforme ricchezza del dono

English translation: The multifaceted richness of giving